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We have received a lot of questions here at zoombait.com about how to rig a fluke.  Well, there are tons of creative uses for the fluke, but here a few of the more popular rigging techniques.

• Weightless with a 3/0 or 4/0 hook,
• Threaded on as spinnerbait or jig-blade trailers
• Carolina rig
• Shakey Head rig
• Split-shot rig

One cool way is to add a swivel to the line about 6-8 inches in front of the Super Fluke. Use a No. 4 to No. 10 size brass swivel, or a Sampo X5R or X6R swivel. Because the weight of the swivel and the hook slowly takes the Super Fluke down when you stop twitching it, vary the size for a slower or faster drop. The swivel also prevents twisting.

Another great technique is combing a Super Fluke with a jighead. One of the most simple options is the round ball jighead, rigged as an open hook or Texas-rigged like a shakey worm. Thread the Super Fluke on the hook and secure it on the lure keeper or with a dap of Super Glue.

Because of its streamlined design, the Super Fluke works great around vegetation and wood cover. It can be twitched around the edges or, if the cover isn’t too thick, cast into the thick stuff and worked out to look like a zipping, darting minnow. With five sizes to choose from you easily can match the forage.

Cast and let it fall to the bottom. Twitch it, nudge it, pop it and let it fall. Give it subtle action so the head stays on the bottom, as if it were feeding, the Super Fluke tail sticks up and a bass thumps it.

Click here to see the comparison of the five different sizes of flukes from Zoom.  Below are all of the stock colors for the Zoom Super Fluke.


  1. the zoom fluke is no questions asked the best soft bait to use during the start of the spawning season. I uese it on a gravel flat that sort of forms a cove like area where the water ranges from 2.5 to 7 or 8 feet deep right next to a train bridge and maybe 200 to 275 yards down stream from the chickamagua Dam on the Tennessee River (Chattanooga). I use a twitching presentation where i rig the bait on a gamakatsu wide gap hook 3/0 weightless. I cast up stream, wait until the bait drifts right in front of me, reel in the slack. I use a 2 twitch – pause – 3 twitch – pause (Repeat). By the time the bait is half way reeled in BAM!!! An explosive hit wait 2 – 3 seconds then set the hook, & before u know it moby dick is saved in the picture file on your phone. I highly highly recomend this tecnique I have been successful with this method 95% of the time.

    loyal customer,
    Dylan Hollman

  2. I have been bass fishing in the Pittsburgh area for a few years now and I can say that I never go out on the water without a fluke in my box. There is really no wrong way to fish a fluke. This lure flat out catches fish.


  4. try a splitshot or texas riged fluke in the color of your local bream in a pond and you can come up with some big bass

  5. Man this bait is the bomb. I have consistently put good fish in the boat on this bait. I have a new twist right now. We have had a cold snap and the fluke wasnt working for me. Or so i thought. I noticed that the fish werent biting it on the run so i just started throwing on the bank and twitching twice and letting it fall. Caught a thirteen lb limit in four hours today with that technique. Thanks Zoom for a fantastic product


  7. There is no wrong way to fish a fluke, but one of my favorites is to fish it on a Mojo rig. I like these barrel weights in 3/16 oz. When fishing deep water, I fish it just like it was weightless, but it has a cool side to side action….just deeper.

  8. I use super flukes on 2oz. jig heads to catch big stripers in the Tennessee river. They work so well that they are hard to find locally from April – October.

  9. There is a time right before the spawn to throw flukes in 2″ of water and it is UNBELIEVABLE the fish that you can catch!

  10. Hi,
    I fishing in mid-Europe and Fluke size 3,75″ is sufficient. Please, what size and type of hook is best suited for this type of Fluke(for jerking). Thanks

  11. There is a pond behind my work in Austin Texas…I do not know how to fish..so I bought a cheap rod and reel.. my brother told me to use a Zoom Super Fluke..I did..and found this site…after work, I tried it out.. 15 mins later I catch a 14″ Bass.. the super fluke is no fluke..If I can catch a Bass with it..ANYONE can!!!

  12. well said, flukes have caught a lot of fish for a lot of year.

    btw. try the super fluke Jr. for better #’s but there will less chance of stickin a big-un.


  13. petr, a 1/0 or 2/0 should be plenty. also how big do the bass in europe get?


  14. ShakyHead, I thank you for answer.I ordered four packs jr.flukes and Hooks. I try it. At my domestic-water i caught Perch 10″-17″, Walleye and sometimes Pike.

  15. Shaky Head,it works great! Jr.Fluke+2/0 hook and…3 times I was at the lake and I caught about 20 Perch, plus a few strokes. Thank you again for your advice.


  16. Superfluke is awesome! I am hooked on plastics thanks to this little piece of blubbery material, it just triggers the predatory instincts of bass. I have just learnt to fish it. Caught over 15 bass over three days casual fishing (no more than 5hrs total), and at least as many bites I was not skillful enough to secure. I fished it texas rigged with a 1/4 oz bullet weight like a worm, let it sink, raise the tip of my rod about a foot or twitch it of the bottom, and let the bait fall staright down on the slack. Needless to say, when the bait falls properly a fish will hit the fluke as soon as it gets to the bottom. Awesome feeling when I retrieve the slack and feel the bass grabbing the bait. Can’t wait to try the baby bass on jr. fluke on a zulu rig.

    I want to try this in saltwater too, but I don’t see any colors that would mimic the generally much brighter and shinier or more intensely colored baitfish (chiefly sardines and anchovies). Anybody have any comments?

  17. bones, i use a 5/0 ewg (extra wide gap) hook. a big weighted swimbait hook also works well for a deeper presentation.


  18. I have been bass fishing for about 2 1/2 years now. I don’t own a boat so I was doing a lot of bank fishing. I joined a bass club after spring last year. When we had our classic in Oct 2010 at guntersville Ala. My partner was fishing a white super fluke with a 2/0 red wide gap hook. He was using it like a top water bait. So when we got home from this classic I went and purchased a few different colors from my local bait shop. I’m still really learning how to fish it. But man does this soft plastic bait really work. I rig it weight less on a 1/0 and 2/0 wide gap hook and also a gam.. finess hook 2/0 it’s like a circle hook I’ve also rigged it with a 3/0 weighted (1/16) swimbait hook and rigged on several different jig heads. This is my primary bait Thank you zoom for this product and no matter what you ever do PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!1

  19. I have used Flukes off and on for several years. To this day I have never caught a fish on it. I have zero confidence in it. I have rigged it in every possible way imaginable with no luck. I have won a few tournaments in my day so I am no amateur. But I keep trying. Maybe if I had more colors I would have more luck but so far they just don’t work for me. And I hate it because I always hear people talking about how great they are.

  20. I fish a 1 acre pond in middle TN that is loaded with 12″-18″ bass. Even when it’s 95F outside, the fluke produces. I throw it into duck weed, scum, and any other junk floating on top of the water near the shoreline. I rarely cast out into the deep. Green works best. I guess it’s due to the abundance of bluegill. My gear is 8lb. mono on a 6’6″ spinning rod. I also fish with a Spro frog, black mostly, but the fluke cathces more fish than the spro frog.

  21. Zoom Flukes have to be some of the most revolutionary plastics I’ve ever come across.Pitch this lure weightless into some pads and hold on.Fish strike it like crazy,no matter what way you rig it,you’ll catch a fish.

  22. Super fluke are awesome. It’s a perfect lure for striper boil near shoreline. It’s what I call “bass magnet”.

  23. I have bass fished for about 2 years now,and over those 2 years,the zoom fluke has well reached my expectations.The first time I had ever used it,I had no luck with it cuz I had no experience.My uncle was quite the fluke expert,and he promised to teach me how to use one.We traveled to a pond that I like to fish,where my uncle told me we’ll begin lessons.I had never caught a big fish here,so I wondered why he picked it.I realized he knew something I didn’t.In the first 30 minutes,we had caught 8 well-sized bass.After a while,I started to think we caught every fish we could,but my uncle stayed with it.He switched to a large,punkinseed fluke.After a few minutes,he landed a huge 7 pounder,and some decent 4’s.After that experience,I continued fishing with the fluke,and it still remains a top favorite of mine.

  24. This is the best freshwater bait around. Although when i reel in my super fluke i always see it upside down. If you can help me out please reply!!!

  25. Have to agree with Bobs post. I’ve thrown these things everywhere in different colors and different rigs/retrieves and have never had a bump on em,I’ll then follow it up with a plastic worm and catch fish. Veteran of 40 years bassin’ I think a worm will out fish them any day, imho.

  26. D Hollman,

    Could agree more. Case and point. I went out yesterday and was throwing t-rig 6″ trick worm on my BC and thrwoing 4″ zoom wackied as well as lizard. I got a couple of hits on the lizard, caught one and a couple of “runts” on wacky; absolutely nothing on trick workm. At about 730Pm i swtiched to 4″ watermelon seed Zoom fluke and i started a frenzy! Nothing overly big, but I got a hit on EVERY cast. Now, I did not plan on the fluke and had limited tackle with me on this impromtu/practice outing, so I had the wrong gammy hook so i missed a lot of fish…again, they were small, I landed the bigger ones b/c they were just sucking in the the entire fluke…smaller ones could get the hook and fluke down but were holding on for dear life. Some came of when i would jerk out of their grasp, but would keep coming…

    Like I aid, it was quite a few smaller yearlings and 1-2 pounders, but they was a heckuva lot of fun to end the night!

  27. I love the fluke I went fishing today, was at the pond I fished a hour and a half with no luck with buzz baits, Texas rigged worms, and a popper. When I tied the fluke on weightless in 10 cast I caught 4 bass they all hit on the slow fall.

  28. I just finished 4 days fishing in Spain on a Lake named Cijara. This Super fluke JR was the best bait from my bags, finished with succesfully. I cached a lot of bass’s! Anyone must try to get this bait for sure…

  29. Hey guys im new.my uncle gave me a new box of assorted worms.one of them was a single tail fluke worm.its floresent orange with darker orange flakes.is this the same thing?

  30. I just used my last Watermelon Red Magic superfluke today, and I cant seem to find the color here. Was it discontinued? There are some that are close, as well as close in name, but nothing of the same as what I had. They worked amazingly well, even compared to the half dozen or so other colors I have in my tackle box of the fluke. If you still make them, I’ll order a couple packs of them.

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