Hi everyone!

Many of you may have missed Zoom’s addition of some special Baby Brush Hog tail colors.  Zoom added Watermelon Chartreuse, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse, Black Blue Tail and Watermelon Red Chartreuse to its stable of colors for the extremely popular Baby Brush Hog.

These new tail colors add some excellent flash to your presentation, whether your carolina rigging, flipping or using it as a jig trailer.  No need to dip your own tails now, these little piglets are ready to roll straight out the of the package.



Click on the thumbnails below to see the individual hog tail colors.

To see Zoom’s entire lineup of stock colors for the Baby Brush Hog click here.


  1. I’ve used your baby brush hog for guiet some time now with great success. Those new color tails has got to be a winner. Seems like no matter were you fish the baby brush hogs the bass can not refuse them. Thanks for offering such a great bait.
    Donny Page

  2. I am so glad you all finally came out with those colors. What took so long? That Black with the blue tail and green pumpkin chart. will be used by me a bunch! Great news! Can’t wait to get some!

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