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Due to the popularity of Peanut Butter & Jelly Jigs and Brown & Purple Jigs, Zoom has decided to make Flippin’ Purple a stock color now.  Brought out a few years ago as a “special color” it is now a full stock color.   Zoom is going to offer Flippin’ Purple in the Super Chunk, Super Chunk Jr., Fat Albert Twin Tail and the Creepy Crawler Twin Tail.

Click on the pictures below to see an enlarged version of Zoom’s new offerings!


Football Jig with a PB&J Skirt - Flippin Purple Creepy Crawler Twin Tail

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity.

    I’ve been a huge fan of Flippin’ Blue on brown jigs…and was able a few years back to get some flippin’ purple super chunks from Blackhawk Custom Outfitters… love them. During the summer, these combos put a lot of bass in my boat.

    On a slightly different topic: early spring, fall color preferences change here to a black jig with brown trailer. I have a few Flippin’ Brown Super chunks (jrs)…and would love to get more. Here’s wishing flippin’ brown could be stock in the super chunk line.

    And one more comment: have won a lot tossing the Green Pumpkin magic fluke this year (Super fluke)…and would love to see this color (GPM) in the Horny Toad…a greatly under utilzed, VERY versatile bait (buzz it, dead-stick it, kill it, jig it…) that just plain catches fish. Most folks read ‘toad’ and thing frog. I think this bait represents bluegill/sunfish extremely well…

    thanks for letting me share my comments.

    Love your products (finesse worms, trick worms, SS Lizards, Super chunks, flukes, Horny Toads, twin tail trailers, french fries and brush hogs…)…

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