Check out the new video from Zoom.

Watch the video tour for instructions and tips on how to successfully navigate the new Zoom Bait Company Web site.  Check out the featured posts, photo galleries and other informative pages of the site in a six-minute video, and watch how easy it is to find your favorite Zoom bait in every available color.


  1. Great site! I love how detailed and thorough everything is. Great hi-res photos of the bait helps see the color better than small thumbnails. Great job, is now an everyday stop on my internetting!

  2. Zoom’s Brush Hogs for fall Bass totally rocked my Bass fishing this year. what a great website too. great photos with all these colors awesome.
    Thanks Guys
    Great Job

  3. This works great on the lakei fish aroundthe house. And at great price i will diffentlty by more. 1 out of 5 its a 6!!!

  4. It would be nice if there were some videos or tutorials on how to actually USE these baits.

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