Zoom Bait Company released the Magnum Trick Worm back in March of 2009, a thicker, larger version of the regular Trick Worm.  According to Zoom pro staffer, Marty Stone, this is a one-of-a-kind worm and there are none like it currently available on the market.

The Mag Trick Worm is a combination of two worms in one – the popular Zoom Trick worm and the new Magnum Finesse Worm.  Keeping the characteristics of the original Trick Worm, Zoom has beefed up the profile and thickness of the new Mag Trick Worm.

090312_cox__011-1“I have been begging Zoom for this worm for more than four years,” Stone said.  “I love straight tail worms and believe there are many applications for them.  I often find the need for a straight tail worm with a bigger profile, and the Mag Trick Worm fits the bill perfectly.”

According to Stone, when fishing lakes known to hold big fish, such as Lake Amistad, Falcon Lake and Sam Rayburn, a bigger bait is much more effective in finding and catching the big bass.

“This bait will shine on lakes where you know you have to have big bites,” Stone added.  “When that’s the case, whether you’re flipping and pitching, Texas-rigging or Carolina-rigging, this should be the bait of choice.”

When fishing the Mag Trick Worm, it is imperative to beef up the hooks.  In all three techniques, whether flipping/pitching, fishing it Texas-rigged or Carolina rigged, bigger baits need bigger hooks, and the Mag Trick Worm should be fished with 5/O or 6/O hooks.

A flipping stick is obviously the best bet when flipping and pitching the Mag Trick Worm.  In addition, 25-pound monofilament should be the minimum line size with this oversized worm.  When Carolina-rigging it, use 17-pound fluorocarbon for the main line and 15- to 17-pound fluorocarbon for the leader.  Lastly, when fishing it Texas-rigged, Stone suggests using 12- to 15-pound fluorocarbon.

pdfdnload“I like fluorocarbon when making long casts,” Stone suggested.  “The weight size will vary depending on the water depth.  Stick to the weight size you’d normally use with the regular Trick Worm in any particular depth.”

The Mag Trick Worm will be available in 12 colors:  Junebug, Pumpkin, Watermelon Seed, Red Bug, Green Pumpkin, Black, Bubble Gum, White, Merthiolate, Watermelon Red, Watermelon Candy and Watermelon Candy Red.


Purchase Magnum Trick Worms Here – Bass Pro Shops


  1. Congratulations on another big suceess. We are fishing this on a big hook standup head and doing real well. Tell Ed tha Bill Poe said hello. I’m his son and Ed has helped us alot in the tackle business for sure. We were the fist to sell your crankbaits. Thanks

    Mike Poe

  2. Sir / Madam,

    Is your Skinny Salt Chunk still available? If so where can I purchase the bait?
    Thanking You,

    Gary Woods
    Huntsville, Alabama

  3. I cannot find any red black core trick worms in the Dayton or Cincinnati area do you still make them? I had alot of success at Kentucky Lake with that worm in July
    Color code 183?

  4. Does anyone know if the magnum trick worms are avaiable in bulk packaging instead of an 8 pack. I use a ton of these things, they are deadly on lakes with a good number of quality fish.

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