Zoom Bait Company announced today the addition of a new color, Green Weenie, to their already extensive arsenal of colors.  The original color comes from an old, hand-poured West Coast worm, and with Zoom’s ability to create realistic color combinations, pro staff member Gerald Swindle believes the new addition will stand out among the competition.

Green Weenie has a unique color combination with watermelon on top and a translucent bottom that reflects a purple sheen depending on the way the light hits it. Swindle believes the color resembles a shad perfectly.

“Any kind of gray or purple sheen looks like the shad’s back,” Swindle explained.  “It’s a good clear water bait when finesse fishing, but it will also be great in light stained water.”

In the past, Green Weenie was traditionally only a worm color, but Zoom will add the new color to some of their most productive baits.  Zoom’s Green Weenie will be available in the following plastics:  U-Tale, Lizard, Finesse, Trick Worm, Swamp Crawler, Baby Brush Hog, Shakey Head Worm, Magnum Shakey
Head and the 4-inch Meathead.

Green Weenie is available in the following lures:

Purchase – Magnum Shakey Head (Green Weenie) from Bass Pro Shops



  1. I have a question. Why did Yall stop making the original Zoom Worm? It was the best all around worm for spotted bass ever made… John

  2. I’m so glad that North American Fishing Club E-mailed me about your new color green weenie. I fished the western worm in green weenie color in Illinois. I’ve slayed big bass until I ran out of this bait. I sure would like to get the green weenie color in several of your different worm patterns. I haven’t been able to get this color anywhere. Is it possible for me to order some in green weenie from you.

    Thank You,
    Dennis Kispert
    310 W. Jackson St
    Paris, Il. 61944

  3. one gerene wenie buleiver right here !
    as far as being able to find them i found finess worms and brushhogs @ dicks sporting goods

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