One of the hottest new “special” colors today is Watermelon Magic and Green Pumpkin Magic.   These variations of the standard green pumpkin and watermelon seed contain hologram glitter for this unique look.  Hologram glitter is the same glitter used  in Silver Rainbow super flukes.

These colors were launched in the late summer of 2008 and have quickly become the hot color in some markets.

Zoom Finesse Worm - Watermelon Magic

Zoom Finesse Worm - Watermelon Magic (004-283)

Mag Super Fluke - Green Pumpkin Magic (112-284)

Mag Super Fluke - Green Pumpkin Magic (112-284)

Green Pumpkin Magic and Watermelon Magic are currently available in the following products: U-tale, Lizard, Finesse Worm, Trick Worm, Mag II, Swamp Crawler, Brush Hog, Baby Brush Hog, Ol Monster, Utra-vibe Speed Craw, Super Fluke, Mag Super Fluke.


  1. Love Your Baits. Time after time bass keep eating your lizards and flukes on my hook. Love you guys!!! Keep Doing What Your Doing.

  2. Baby brush hogs red flake watermelon rock in illinois lakes love them bought several bags + 5″ red flake watermalon rocks too

  3. Without a doubt, I catch more fish on Watermelon colors. Right now, Watermelon Red is a very hot color at my local lake. I have used Zoom baits for many years. Bass do luv ’em. And so do I.

  4. Baby brushhogs are amazing simply put Bass Luv em!!! Ive won many tourments using them. I would love to find a zoom sticker, hat in yellow, or a t-shirt!!!

  5. watermelon red is no doubt the best color I have ever used on clear lakes and ponds with lots of grass!! if its clear, I beg you to try this color. You will catch way more fish!!……….. I promise you!!

  6. The new magnum finesse and magnum trick worm are the best thing that could have happend to us Florida fishermen.The bass down here, love straight tail worms.With these new worms in our arssanal they allow us to present a larger profile and fish deeper with a weightles presentaion.I hope that you will expand your color selection with your new magic colors.Zoom baits are my favorit soft plastics.Please keep up the good work.

  7. watermelon red is by far the hottest color on my lake in Tn, no matter if it is the brushhog or down to the dead ringer they all catch quality largemouth.

  8. Used your green pumpkin magic lizards 6″ at Candlewood lake in Conn. Almost won NJBF Points tournament . Won 1000.00 For second place. Fished Tidal Chesapeak Bay (FLATS) Won the tournament also caught lunker. Made the New Jersey State team for 2010. Wish to thank you for your outstanding new colors. Watermelon magic is a hot color also.Without your products I would not have had such a great year. Please keep making these colors. THANK YOU. Doug Peabody

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