1. I’d have to go along with TIM above in request to carry several of your plastic baits in the electric chicken color….. problem is, I by over 80 of my lures from bass pro, and just because you make a lure is NO guarantee that they will sock or order…. Pisses Me Off to know end….. I have been buying one such color by Boby Garland the 2 & 3 inch Slayer that I have put on as a trailer, really needs a Tail, as these are designed for crappie, but last year they were most effective on all of my strike king type spinning lures…. under a white and irrodicent light green skirt.

    Think they would be really effective in creature baits as well….

    How many baits would a person have to buy to put in a special order, as this debate has come up several times from disappointed customers while shopping at various bait isles almost every time I go shopping…

    Please advise as to a production run, packed in volume, not single packs. I’d like to know…. or would it be cheaper to buy the materials my self…..


    Mike Parker


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