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084-025-ultra-vibe-chunk-green-pumpkin.jpg 080-294-ultravibe-speed-craw-green-pumpkin-blue-flash 001-005, U-Tale, Junebug 015-109-fluke-smokin-shad.jpg 034-110-fat-albert-twin-tail-sapphire-blue.jpg navyhatfront 026-113-ol-monster-plum-apple.jpg 037-101,  Super Chunk, Flippin' Purple 057-309, Shakey Head Worm, Morning Dawn 006-041-trick-worm-yellow.jpg 119-100,  Z-Hog, Black Sapphire 001-024-u-tale-cotton-candy-chartreuse.jpg 034-013-fat-albert-twin-tail-pumpkin.jpg 028-019-big-salty-chunk-watermelon-seed.jpg 042-294-baby-brush-hog-green-pumpkin-blue-flash 004-309, Finesse Worm, Morning Dawn

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