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Rigging the versatile Zoom Super Fluke


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We have received a lot of questions here at zoombait.com about how to rig a fluke.  Well, there are tons of creative uses for the fluke, but here a few of the more popular rigging techniques.

• Weightless with a 3/0 or 4/0 hook,
• Threaded on as spinnerbait or jig-blade trailers
• Carolina rig
• Shakey Head rig
• Split-shot rig

One cool way is to add a swivel to the line about 6-8 inches in front of the Super Fluke. Use a No. 4 to No. 10 size brass swivel, or a Sampo X5R or X6R swivel. Because the weight of the swivel and the hook slowly takes the Super Fluke down when you stop twitching it, vary the size for a slower or faster drop. The swivel also prevents twisting.

Another great technique is combing a Super Fluke with a jighead. One of the most simple options is the round ball jighead, rigged as an open hook or Texas-rigged like a shakey worm. Thread the Super Fluke on the hook and secure it on the lure keeper or with a dap of Super Glue.

Because of its streamlined design, the Super Fluke works great around vegetation and wood cover. It can be twitched around the edges or, if the cover isn’t too thick, cast into the thick stuff and worked out to look like a zipping, darting minnow. With five sizes to choose from you easily can match the forage.

Cast and let it fall to the bottom. Twitch it, nudge it, pop it and let it fall. Give it subtle action so the head stays on the bottom, as if it were feeding, the Super Fluke tail sticks up and a bass thumps it.

Click here to see the comparison of the five different sizes of flukes from Zoom.  Below are all of the stock colors for the Zoom Super Fluke.

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