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The New Z-Hog!

Zoom Bait Company introduces the new Z-Hog creature bait.  The Z-Hog features a compact body with a “rabbit ear” tail similar to a Super Chunk Junior.  Two small flappers on each side help the body slide and punch through heavy grass.  The Z-hog features a nice deep groove in the body to highlight the weedless characterics of this bait.  The body is compact enough to support a three X hook, but still features the trademark softness of Zoom’s plastic.

The head of the Z-hog has a small rounded ridge perfect for a large tungsten or lead weight to rest on the body and form a sleek, smooth presentation.

The new Z-Hog will be available in eight flipping and pitching colors that include:  Black-Red, Junebug, Watermelon Seed, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Red, Watermelon Candy, Black Sapphire and California 420.

For a look at all the colors available click on the thumbnails below to view the photo gallery:

Links to find the Z-Hog online:

Z-Hog –

12 Responses to “The New Z-Hog!”

  1. Jeff says:

    These look great! A sucessfull fusion of a “beaver bait” and a crawdad! Seems awesome for “flippin” Texas riggin, and even as a jig trailer! I gotta get me some!

  2. Lancer says:

    This bait looks like a “beaver bait” but trust me in california this Bait will work better. Great Punch bait and looks like a great Jig Trailer, flippin/pitchin bait. Can’t wait for My local Tackle Dealer Walton’s Pond to get ahold of these baits they look great !!

  3. chris says:

    Id love to try them in green pumpkin green

  4. 99% of all my fish r on zoom baits! I would love to try the new z hog!


    I would like to tri zhog on my drop shot rig it seme to have more body

  6. Samuel Lewis says:

    I love zoom baits fish bite and dont let go i cant wait to try these in minnesota millfoil lake here i come

  7. Casey says:

    Sweet looking bait and probably lighter on the wallet compared to most other replicas

  8. Mlke Denny says:

    just got a pack of cali 420, cant wait to hit the lake!

  9. Clay Belanger says:

    I have used them on Toledo Bend in Texas and I love them! Did really well with them. I caught over 65 in one trip flippin and pitchin in the tree’s!

  10. RP says:

    Oh these work great! Tried them for the first time 2 weeks ago and landed 9 LM in a short day! Zoom are definitely my favorite plastics

  11. Kelly Bocock says:

    Green pumpkin blue flash is a great color for the ZHog

  12. Tom Loftin says:

    I would love to see the Z hog and the Monster Warm in Blue watermelon and the mag lizard ( blue watermelon ).love your baits


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