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Swimmin’ Super Fluke Adds Junebug

Zoom’s popular Swimmin’ Super Fluke series has added mainstay color Junebug.  Junebug continues to be a favorite amongst anglers and has been a constant producer as a Super Fluke.

Check out the Gallery below for all the colors now in the Swimmin Super Fluke Series.

10 Responses to “Swimmin’ Super Fluke Adds Junebug”

  1. samuel says:

    We need a bubblegum swimmer

  2. LARRY FRANCIS says:

    how do i get a couple of zoom decals for my boat?

  3. Jeff says:

    Gotta get some, they look awesome! This color will pattern better in the “darker” water than most of the other colors. Also an attractive color in clear waters as well, in a word, versatile!

  4. tim says:

    man they only need a bubble gum one for quire fish

  5. Chris says:

    Need this in Bubblegum!!!
    baby bass and bubblegum are lights out for saltwater fishing in NJ.

    wish they made a real SHAD BODY with all of the normal colors (esp buble gum and baby bass)!!!

  6. Jerry Watson says:

    I purchased these last year but since then I have not been able to find them. I have gone through BASS, and other sporting goods places,
    but every one tells me they do not have them, or can’t get them, or they are not made. These things work wonders here in South Florida.

    Can I purchase these straight from your company and if so, how much do I have to purchase at a time.

    Please help me as this is probably my last resort.

    Thanks, Jerry Watson

  7. Doug Cox says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Try this link now….


  8. thomas says:

    why dont they make this bait in cotten candy and the flukes to iv seen flukes before in cotten candy but when you ask someone at a sporting store they look at me like what is this kid on

  9. Jimmie Howard says:

    where can i buy the new super fluke junebug i have looked all the stores even BASS PRO SHOPS please let me know

  10. Brandon Bright says:

    Can you please make some Swimmin’ Super Fluke Mangnums.Down here on Guntersville we’re throwing the Alabama Rig and it seems like the bigger the swimbait the better.I know a lot of people that would like to have some.


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