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Zoom Swimmin’ Super Fluke

Zoom Swimmin' Super Fluke

Zoom jumps into the swimbait market with the Swimmin’ Super Fluke.  Zoom took one of the most popular and effective fishing lures ever made and added a swimming paddle tail.  This is a true swimmer and is excellent for schooling bass or as a search tool when you are trying to locate fish.

Burn the Swimmin’ Super Fluke back to the boat just under the surface for those schooling bass or fish a weighted swimbait hook and swim it deeper in the water column.  The Swimmin’ Super Fluke initially will be available in six Zoom colors: Watermelon Seed, White Pearl, Watermelon Red, Albino, Smokin Shad, White Ice:

21 Responses to “Zoom Swimmin’ Super Fluke”

  1. Barney Edwards says:

    I love your flukes, I haven’t yet tried your swimming fluke. How about sending me a sample?

    417 5th Street NW
    Orange City, IA. 51041

  2. Bassproaddict says:

    When do you use a softplastic jerkbait as opposed to a hard jerkbait?

  3. Nina Williams says:

    I just wanted to say that I fished the Pearl White Super Fluke on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, AR during an official fish tournament today. It is Jan. 17th. I was fishing with my business partner and he was very adamant about beating me fishing but I snuck and put on a Pearl White Super Fluke that I had found at Wal-mart the day before. I am so glad to say that I was the one with the bass. There were two guys in a fishing tournament drifting by and they asked what I had used because they were not having a good day fishing. When they heard about my fish they told me that I could have won at leat $500 with the bass that I caught!! I was so glad that I had fish when no one else did….

  4. Larry Allen says:

    I can’t wait to get some of the new swimming flukes. Flukes and Super Flukes have been in my boat for several years. I have even tried “welding” a swimming tail on a Fluke to see what it would do. When will the new ones be available?

  5. Doug Cox says:

    Thanks Larry, They are available now…..

  6. James Clary says:

    where are they being sold. i have looked everywhere and the look really good.

  7. Beastieboy says:

    Wow, I hope these bait will be soon avaible here in Italy!!! I love zoom lures…

  8. Great Baits says:

    Will there be any additional colors coming??

  9. Doug Cox says:

    There may be some additional colors in the future, but right now, we are trying to keep up with orders we have right now for these first colors.

  10. Beastieboy says:

    Is it possible to know the exact weight? Why don’t you do a 4″ swimming Fluke for the european market?

  11. teamhatcreek says:

    We all think that the super fluke is the “man” of jerk baits we can’t wait to try your swim bait. We’ll take some free samples too.

    3440 NE 175TH ST RD
    CITRA,FL 32113

  12. Buz says:

    …..Just wait til summer rolls around and we can fish this lure
    Carolina Rigged……its gonna be lights out…

  13. shaky head/nc says:

    any 1 know where i can get my hands on some, any 1 answer THX!!

  14. BOBBY CRAPPIE says:

    WOW!!! Thanks ZOOM for a superb bait……….I thought the standard flukes were great but this added FLAP TAIL has made a tremendous difference…..I have a camp here on TOLEDO BEND and have already caught some great bass this season…….I choose the watermelon/red and have found that I miss less bites by utilizing a 3/0 or 4/0 weedless hook……How bout a watermelon/candy/red one of my favorite colors from ZOOM……….THUS FAR 8 LB ON THIS BAIT…..

  15. BOBBY CRAPPIE says:

    ZOOM SWIMMING SUPER FLUKES can be found @ TOLEDO TOWN TACKLE out of Many Louisiana.thiS is truly the bass fisherman’s greatest CANDY STORE…If ZOOM makes the lure they carry it.FINAL ANSWER HEHEHE

  16. Shane says:

    I love the zoom flukes i just bought some of the swimming flukes havent been able to use them yet. On a Watermelon Seed super salty fluke i pulled in a 8 pounder out of joe pool lake, texas

  17. Larry says:

    Tried out the Houdini color and landed a 3 pounder which was the only catch for the day.Awesome look in the water.PS:LOVE the Super Fluke its a fish MAGNET

  18. justin says:

    looks like half of a frog but i dnt fish swimbaits i prefer crankbaits or utales any time of the year

  19. Allan says:

    The package should say PIKE LOVE THEM too. I regularly land 30″+ Northern Pike in Upstate New York (Adirondacks) using white pearl

  20. Doug Halterman says:

    Hello my friend was in town from florida and we tried your swimming super fluke white ice and they work great, I love them…But I have a problem, I cant seem to find them where I live

    I tried Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart, Saratoga Tackle…
    None of those stores carry them…They have lots of super fluke white ice without the paddle, They have lots of every color but not the Swimming Super Fluke white Ice with the paddle…I can Get them online but I don’t want to pay the shipping because it adds to the cost…There has been alot of people in the stores looking for them also with no luck…I have been using berkeley’s product but would much rather use the Swimming super fluke with the paddle….The best luck I have ever had using them…My friend wont be back up from florida until next year with more, But I cant wait that long lol….Also what kind of results are you having with the tubes…I see them in Dicks but was kind of hesitant on trying them…I have lots of stuff in my tackle box that do not catch fish..(The Swimming Superfluke white ice is the best…) Just hope you can find me a local store…If you sell wholesale I will buy a case of them


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