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New Color – Houdini

Hi everyone,

Zoom has released a new color called Houdini.  This is a combination of two popular Zoom colors. The top half of the baits are Watermelon Red with the bottom half being Sand, creating Houdini. This color is available in the Lizard, Finesse Worm, Salty Super Fluke, Shakey Head Worm, Baby Brush Hog, Magnum Shakey Head, Magnum Finesse and the new Swimmin’ Super Fluke.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a large view of some of the lures.

Below is a recent one page brochure we did on this new color.


12 Responses to “New Color – Houdini”

  1. shaky head/nc says:

    i think it will work

    i’ll keep ya posted when i try them

  2. Great new color we will be adding them soon!

  3. Doug Cox says:


  4. dusty says:

    This will be great!

  5. Johnny G. says:

    I guide on Lake Fork & have been using the Houidi color. It’s been incredible. Fish are tearing it up. Need to get them in Tx. Stores ASAP. Call Southwest Parts & Service-Dallas,Tx.

  6. gvillebassman says:

    I think zoom needs to bring back the smokin blue color. It is very popular here on lake guntersville. I cant find it online at any of the big retailers. I use the brushhog, baby brushhog, 6 inch and 4 inch lizard and the centipede all in that color. if anyone knows where i can find them please let me know.

  7. Doug Cox says:

    Smokin Blue is still a stock color on many items. Try this link, I see smokin blue in the rundown….. Hope this helps

  8. Caleb Rivers says:

    I was checking out the Houdini color. I checked out tacklewarehouse, basspro, simmons. They did not have that color in stock. Could you let me know where I could find it.

  9. It’s one hot color in Florida.

  10. Curleymoe says:

    good day to all…. just a report on the New Houdini 6″ lizard…. I have never expected to catch soo many fish with this new color… its such a natural formation… for the real lizards in the wild, up here in the northeast… i fish with another veteran… and we have fishing this lake four different times… yesterday…..we C&R 27 fish… with 2 in the excess of 18″ long… its prespawn up here… so its awesome to see this color…. the total C&R for this lake is 85 fish…. im going to a tantic water body tomorrow and will see how the Houdini performs… one other note the tomato lizard 6″ works great too…..


  11. Larry says:

    LOVE the Swimmin super fluke (Houdini)


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